Saturday, February 16, 2013

Welcome To My Blog.

This blog is the newest edition to my Etsy store: LibbyLuLa. 

I love to create things from used and found items. 

My mother grew up in the great depression and one of her favorite sayings was a poem:
Use it up
Wear it out 
Make it do
Or do without
My LibbyLuLa personal picture is of a Blackwork counted crossstitch I  made for my mom of this poem.
My husband and I started making crafts when we were first married. We did the craft shows and sold all our crafts from Magnets to furniture. All made with hand cut lumber form his portable saw mill. We used felled trees people wanted removed from their property and were paid with part of the lumber.
 Over the years family life took over and we eventually quit the craft shows. I continued to make things to give away or for others. 
I have a real problem throwing useful things away. Example old sheets and worn out blue jeans. I started making purses from deconstructed blue jeans using most of the jeans. Making the 'yarn' very sturdy and giving the purses a very country look. These purses are unique because of the way they are made. People mentioned that i should check out Etsy.  
My husband made me a hand loom to twine rugs from all the old sheets I collected over the years. They turned out really well and people kept telling me to put all my crafts up on Etsy. 
I design the items we make. He does the wood cutting and sanding part. I paint and finish item.