Saturday, January 17, 2015

Twining Looms

Since the last time I blogged it has been a whirlwind of activity.

I thought there had to be others out there with material from old sheets and other sources that would love to learn twining to utilize the material. 
So we made a few videos to show the details of how to twine and put them up on YouTube!

People started thanking me and asking questions.
I was so excited others were interested in this fabulous form of weaving.

With my loom it is so portable. 
I keep it in the middle of our living space and can twine a row or two as I pass through. 
I twine when I'm watching something on my monitor. 
I twine when we watch 'TV'. 

But I'm getting off the subject. 
We began getting questions about my loom. Then questions about getting one of my looms. 
So we began making twining looms.
Oh, my! 
We've been very busy making looms.
My husband has always loved wood. He does woodworking as a pleasure. 
So we designed and crafted my loom to the best quality for it's application. 
I love my loom.

We have been making looms now for almost a year and it is thrilling to see how many people are interested in this form of twining. 
Many customers are purchasing our loom to teach others to twine. 

And even better to teach children this productive rewarding craft so it can be carried on into multiple generations.

Thank you to all of our customers and our blog readers.
I'm off now to put together more LibbyLuLa Looms!

Adjustable twining loom set for a smaller rug