Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Have you ever just ran around doing too many things? Just weren't getting one of them done? Well that was me today!

Then my beautiful daughter came to visit and, of course, that trumps everything.

I still managed to get a couple pictures taken of two new items to our Etsy shoppe!

This is our Patriotic Welcome Plaque

It has 3 Keyhole hooks on the back to secure it firmly anywhere and Two very strong, rare earth magnets on the back to secure it to a metal door!
(as in the above picture)

This is our Salt Glazed Refrigerator magnet! 
How Country or even neo-modern!

I really love crocks. 

Check them out at:
They are all designed, cut out, sanded, hand painted and finished by my husband Nick and I.
Thank you for checking out our blog today. I hope to show some how-to 
in the future!