Saturday, March 30, 2013

Update on Hen Cutting board!

If you've been checking out our blog then you know my sister requested that we add a Hen to our Farm Animal Cutting Boards Collection.

 I did several drafts of patterns before I came up with one I thought would work:

She had to have a large enough surface to use as a cutting board.
And she had to have a flat edge to stand her up so her painted surface could be displayed.
Plus, she had to be pleasant to look at as well as identify her as a hen!
I then text a picture of the design to my sister to see if our lady chicken 'fit the bill'!

She did! 

Then we had trouble finding the right Oak board that was long enough and wide enough plus the right thickness!

What luck, we had this board all a long just under our noses! 
We had a wall in our living room that was an oak and brick 
'college book case' when we were younger! 
And the boards had gone to good use as other things.   BUT we had one left! After rearranging our wood piles (he accumulated from helping others clear problem trees by milling them on site) we found  the board.
He took the board to a friend to plane.
And here she is cut out and getting sanded to hone her lovely features!

I can't wait to paint and finish her with our special mix of food grade mineral oil and yellow bees wax. 

Thanks for reading our blog! Hope to give you an update on her painting and finish  right after Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!