Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hi, again! Welcome back!

My yard's full of purples, pinks and whites. 

The purple Phlox subulata and Lunaria with the periwinkle of the vinca minor are vivid together!

But enough garden talk you're here to see the warping of the loom!

Warping the loom.

Anyway, Lets see where we were last time. We were deciding what to use for the warp and getting ready to rip that material to do just that!

I decided to use the orange, blue and white sheet in the upper left corner. I found the other sheet to rip as well. 
I rip the warp in about 1-2" widths. I rip the pieces down the long side of the sheets to decrease the number of knots in the warp and ease of warping with longer lengths. 
This is the lengths of material ripped for warping . Now I need to make them into balls to store in a smaller basket.

Here are the balls of the ripped sheets ready to warp!

I then make a loop knot at the end of one of my lengths of material to hook on my first peg (in the upper right  hand corner of the loom)

Then work the material down to the first peg on the lower right side around that peg and up to the top peg. 

Back up to the next peg and continue wrapping up and down pegs until you reach the last peg.

 The last peg will be at the bottom left of the loom. Here you need another looped knot to hold the warp in place. This warp needs to be taunt. When you hit it gently with your open hand it should have a bounce to it!
This is the loom warped:

Now she's ready for Twining!  Next time we'll begin the hardest row, row number one! This is when we show you the twining process, that makes these rugs extra rugged.  
Once you get the hang of it twining has a nice relaxing rhythm. 
You'll see.

Until next time enjoy all the wonderful colors spring has to offer. I know I will. It's my favorite time of year!

Thanks again for joining us for warping the loom here at LibbyLuLa's Blog page.
See you next time!