Thursday, April 18, 2013


I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of spring!
I love my yard full of daffodils!

I had the pleasure of the company of my Grand-Niece yesterday. 
She loved watching Uncle Nick cutting out some barns and silos on his big loud machines. We made several trips down the 'dungeon stairs' to watch him!
Then she watched Aunt Janet mixing paints and painting the barns and other things Uncle Nick had made. 
She really wanted to watch me make a rug. 
I had just finished a rug for myself out of all my little black dresses and skinny black slacks that no longer fit this no longer skinny old body! LOL

The point is, I didn't have a warp started on the loom and warping the loom was too tedious for her to watch. 
So I decided to do a blog of pictures of a twined rug from empty loom, warping and twining and removing the rug to adding the fringes.

Step one:
I find the materials I want to use to make the rug.
Then I tear strips of the material and make balls of these to use for the weft (the rows going back and forth across the rug) which is twined in front of and behind the warp.

I usually pick a material I don't want to see in the final rug as the warp because in a twined rug the warp is covered front and back. The warp is only seen at the ends of the rug in small loops. I usually fringe my rugs in a coordinating or matching color through these loops so very little of it is seen.
That done I begin my warping the loom.

That will be my next blog.
Tearing strips  and warping the loom.

Thank you for joining me.

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'Til next time, have a great day!