Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We have Easter behind us and a lovely spring full of beautiful vibrant Colored Flowers.

I just love the crocus, daffodils,  the forsythia and the grape hyacinthes!

Spring flowers just make me smile!


So where's The

finished Henrietta Hen?


First she was a suggestion from my sister. She raises chickens for the sheer joy they bring her!

(now bear with me if you've been here before!)

I drew a hen that had the qualities she needed to:
1. Sit decoratively in someones kitchen or bar.
 2. be large enough to utilize as a cutting board,
3.  look like a hen!

I submitted this drawing to my wood working husband and my sister for approval:

Two thumbs up!

Next my Hubba cut her out and sanded her:

When she was ready for me I got out my trusty old brushes and paints.  Then  painted her to be a wise Henrietta hen! My Hubba loves her smircky smile....

After the paint is completely dry she gets several coats of our special blend of food grade mineral oil/ yellow bees wax finish.

Now she's ready to help in the kitchen or party with your wine and cheese!

Thank you for following us through our adventure.

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My husband's grandmother used to say, "I could laugh or I could cry. Laughing's a lot more fun!"

 Have a Happy Spring day!